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Location: New York, NY
Course Name: Executive Presentation Skills® USA Part 2
Date(s): 5/16/2019
Price: $795.00
Overview: Executive Presentation Skills™ Part 2 helps you refine your presentation skills and then builds on them so you can handle new or unexpected situations--some that you may never have dreamed you could handle.

Executive Presentation Skills® USA Part 2

Executive Presentation Skills® Part 2

In Communispond’s 1-day Executive Presentation Skills Part 2 program, participants will refine the presentation skills taught in Executive Presentation Skills Part 1 and build upon them so you can handle challenging people and lead effective discussions.

Learn everything you need to know about how to:

- Handle challenging people
- Handle difficult situations
- Defuse emotions
- Use facilitative communication skills
- Structure a good discussion
- Lead a discussion

Results are guaranteed.

If you don't leave class feeling like a more persuasive and confident presenter, you will get your money back.

Mastery of the core public speaking skills taught in this 1-day course will build your confidence to deliver presentations with impact – even under the most challenging and pressure-filled business situations.

Never more than 10 students

Module 1


- Share your presentation experiences since completing Executive Presentation Skills® Part 1

Module 2

Participant Presentations

Learn what others see and hear when you present by reviewing a video recording of yourself

Module 3

Handling Challenging People

Learn how to recognize, clarify, and apply three criteria to handle difficult situations
- Handle challenging behaviors during a recorded session

Module 4

Leading a Discussion

Learn the behavior and method for leading a discussion
- Practice using open-ended questions
- Learn how to structure a good discussion


Program Reinforcement:

All participants will receive a free AndroidTM tablet. Participants can use their tablet to access their free lifetime subscription of Communispond Digital, our unique learning platform, during and after class. Communispond Digital combines our award-winning curriculum with an indispensable digital platform that supports digital learning methods, encourages online collaboration, gives students quick and easy lifetime access to course material in a digital format, and so much more.

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